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Paran & Associates Accounting ServicesTangesh Paran of Paran & Associates Accounting Services is your one-stop for bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation. We provide financial accounting management, bookkeeping, and tax services to small business owners and individuals.

At Paran & Associates, our mission is to efficiently provide accurate information to help small to mid-size businesses and individuals make informed decisions, to maximize profits and save on taxes. We put your mind at ease, by providing personalized services that meet your business' unique needs. Our services are designed to make your job easier and provide you with more time to focus on building your business. Please take some time to review our list of services offered and browse through our QuickTools Resources. Here you will find current news and answers to most questions related to accounting and taxation. You will also find links to useful websites, pertinent facts and taxation rates plus handy forms that will help you organize your tax affairs.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or call 604-882-7600 for any of your personal or business accounting needs or questions.

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