As many small business owners are typically not accountants or bookkeepers, costly mistakes can occur

Bookkeeping Cleanup Services leaving accounting records in a sad state.

  • Generated reports may not be accurate and may not reflect the true financial condition of the company.
  • Income and Expenses transactions may not be categorized properly leading to manipulated financial statements
  • Source documents may be missing and reconciling the accounts becomes almost impossible.
  • The receivable balance with your customers is not correct and can’t be reconciled but you don’t know how to resolve it.
  • You received a letter from the Tax Authority asking for outstanding tax payments that you don't understand.

Fortunately, Paran & Associates Accounting Services has the knowledge, experience and skill to effectively clean up accounting books and get your business back on track. Call us at 604-882-7600email us or book an appointment to get started today. 

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